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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
David Macklin

Lieutenant Commander David Macklin

Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander David Macklin’s career reads like an antonym of King Midas’ touch. He has qualified on six aircraft types, four of which are retired from service, half of the units he has served with have been retired, as have half of the ships he has flown from. To date he has flown two gate guardians and one museum piece, an unenviable claim for a career that has not even lasted 15 years yet!

He is also an “expert” student having spent 40% of his career on professional training courses, of note he has also spent 20% of his career as poacher turned gamekeeper instructing military flying training. During this time he has used countless synthetic training devices. Utilising technology from as far back as the 1800’s and as recent as the 21st century. Throughout his career he has used a multitude of synthetic training devices as both a student and instructor. This use has highlighted both the strengths and pitfalls of synthetic training devices and offers end-user insight into the balance between development, requirement and application. 

He is currently completing an MSc with a dissertation focusing on the requirements of leaders within Human-Autonomous teams.