James White

James White

Defence Innovation thought leader, Dutch Ministry of Defence

James White is a former US Navy helicopter pilot who served in Operation Desert Storm from 1990-1992. After leaving the Navy he became a high-tech entrepreneur and started several businesses. Eventually, James ended up taking a position with the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) in The Netherlands where he spent most of his time coordinating the delivery of IT capabilities into Afghanistan in support of the ISAF mission. In 2017, James left NATO to work closely with the Dutch Ministry of Defence in the establishment of a multinational Defence Innovation Ecosystem that aims to improve cross-border cooperation on rapid-delivery of advanced capability to our troops with a strong focus on dual-use technologies. James has also been a very active advocate on the use of Digital Engineering and Concurrent Design in the Defence sector and was responsible for the introduction of Concurrent Design to the Dutch MoD and – more recently – to the US Air Force.  James is married with two grown daughters and is an avid runner.