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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Jelke van der Pal, Ph.D

Jelke van der Pal, Ph.D

Senior Scientist, Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR

Jelke van der Pal, Ph.D is a Senior Scientist at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR. Since 1996 he is active in the aviation training R&D, including development of competency based training approaches and applying these methods for fighter pilots, civil and military helicopter pilots, military air traffic controllers and fighter controllers. Application ranges from defining competency profiles, designing qualification or continuation training programs, and developing game-based learning environments for CRM training or assessment. In recent work, Jelke seeks to combine training design concepts with data-driven approaches, where learning analytics is the enabler for a personalised performance-based training aiming to optimise competence learning and retention. Since 2022, he is co-chair of the Dutch Adaptive Learning Ecosystem program.