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Jim Pharmer Ph.D.

Dr. Jim Pharmer Ph.D.

Chief Scientist, Training Systems Research, Development Test and Evaluation Department, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)
Dr. Jim Pharmer is the Chief Scientist for the Training Systems Research, Development Test and Evaluation Department (GT5E) and the Head of the Experimental and Applied Human Performance and Training Research and Development Division (GT55) at the NAWCTSD in Orlando, Florida.  Over his 20+ years at NAWCTSD, his work has focused on delivering effective training products and human performance solutions to the fleet.  He has held roles as a supervisor, a laboratory lead, and as principal investigator for multiple large training and human performance science and technology programs.  Dr. Pharmer’s research interests have centered on developing human systems integration (HSI) processes and tools for factoring capabilities and limitations of human operators, maintainers, and support personnel into the systems engineering process.  During his career, he has supported surface ship and aviation acquisition programs as a key member on HSI Integrated Product Teams and leads a number of HSI working groups for developing consistent Navy and Joint HSI policy and guidance.  Jim holds a MS in Engineering Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology and a PhD in Applied Experimental Human Factors from University of Central Florida.