Sam Sannandeji

Sam Sannandeji

CEO, Modest Tree
Sam has demonstrated a passion for entrepreneurship since he was a child, having started his first business at 13. He graduated from NSCC Programming concentration in 2007, after which he dove into the world of video game development, working on such titles as EA’s NBA Live and FIFA. He soon joined Atlantis Systems to develop interactive applications for the Canadian military and the aerospace and defence industry, where he noted the gap in the tools needed to create interactive applications, sparking the foundation of Modest Tree. 

Sam started Modest Tree to pursue the development of a software that would democratize the creation of immersive training applications. Since its foundation in 2012, Sam has been leading a bleeding-edge company through a leading-edge industry. Now grown into a global operation with industry-leading partnerships and top-tier international clients, Modest Tree has continued to develop into an innovative provider, fulfilling the need for enterprise digitalization solutions among original equipment manufacturers, airlines, and defence industries.