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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Matthew V. Gallegos

Matthew V. Gallegos

Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Advanced Field Operations & Robotics, Sandia National Laboratories
Matthew V. Gallegos is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff in Advanced Field Operations & Robotics, Autonomy and Unmanned Systems Group at Sandia National Laboratories. His career and relationship with Sandia spans more than 20 years, in various roles, from software development of mobile, web, and desktop applications, to software architecture and database development, as well as machine learning and integration with micro controllers. He is the principal investigator and lead for several high visibility virtual reality projects at Sandia, including CAD2VRTM. His teams are comprised of researchers, software developers, computer scientists, material scientists, social scientists, engineers, technologists, security experts, and more. He was the chair of Sandia’s Annual XR Conference from 2021-2023, highlighting his commitment and excitement for the broad field of Extended Reality (XR). He has worked with the UK in the field XR and made significant contributions to an ongoing collaborative VR effort.