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Nev Kingdon

Nev Kingdon

Head of Next Generation Training Integration, BAE Systems – Future Combat Air System

Nev has been with BAE Systems since 2019, following his service in the Royal Air Force. In his current role, Nev is responsible for integrating next generation training system offerings to military customers in the FCAS and GCAP programmes.

Nev is an experienced fighter pilot, Qualified Weapons Instructor and Qualified Flying Instructor.  He has instructional experience on multiple front line platforms over a 20 year service career, including Tornado F3, CF-18 Hornet and F-35B Lightning. He also has experience of numerous overseas deployments, including exchange tours with the Royal Canadian Air Force and US Marine Corps.  His final tours in the RAF were as the training lead and Chief Instructor for the UK F-35B Force.

Prior to his current role in BAE Systems, Nev headed up a team to develop new opportunities around US industrial relationships and F-35 partners, primarily products and services related to training, mission support and information advantage.