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Rahul Thakkar

Rahul Thakkar

President, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim)

Rahul joined BISim as President in July 2023. He focuses on charting growth to enable the expansion of BISim’s portfolio and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and day-to-day business operations. He is in charge of assessing key domestic and international markets to pursue new opportunities for BISim’s portfolio of products.

An Academy Award® winner and inventor on 50+ patents, Rahul is a seasoned technology leader with experience in cloud computing, defense and intelligence, aerospace, geographic information systems (GIS), and media and entertainment. He most recently served as the director and general manager of Simulation Technologies at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he led the development of services that made it easier for simulation engineers, scientists, and technicians to scale their simulations on AWS. Prior to AWS, he served as the Director of Infrastructure Transformation at Boeing, where he led various enterprise infrastructure transformation efforts and built cloud-based capabilities for their unmanned systems. Rahul also had a long history of building foundational technologies for visual effects in feature films such as Antz and Shrek (winner of the 2002 Academy Award® for Best Animated Feature Film). In 2016, he won a Technical Achievement Academy Award® for “the groundbreaking design of the DreamWorks Media Review System.”