Robby Robson

Robby Robson

CEO, Eduworks Corporation
Dr. Robby Robson is co-founder and CEO of Eduworks Corporation, a member of the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors, and a learning technology pioneer who developed one of the first learning management systems in 1995-1996 and has served as principle investigator on multiple projects that apply computational linguistics and machine learning to the development and analysis of military training resources. These projects have extended the state of the art in automated question generation, topic extraction and sequencing, intelligent tutoring, and competency management. Dr. Robson received his doctorate in mathematics from Stanford University and worked as a research mathematician and academic administrator in the US, France, and Germany prior to entering the corporate and entrepreneurial world. He is actively contributing to current IEEE efforts to create standards related to adaptive instructional systems and artificial intelligence, which are the topics of his ITEC presentation.