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Steve Gianoulakis

Steve Gianoulakis

Senior Manager, Autonomy and Unmanned Systems, Sandia National Laboratories
Dr. Steven Gianoulakis is the Senior Manager for Autonomy and Unmanned Systems at Sandia National Laboratories. This organization focuses on developing and deploying intelligent systems to detect, characterize, and mitigate evolving threats to critical national assets, military forces, and the public. This mission area leverages the rapid increases in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) capabilities and also works to address the asymmetric and evolving threats posed by the proliferation of UASs. Critical to the success of this mission area, Dr. Gianoulakis has made significant investments in the advancement of XR capabilities to enable the rapid development and assessment of technologies in real life environments. Dr. Gianoulakis has been at Sandia for 28 years and has experience in computational sciences, systems performance, satellite data analytics, and space control. Dr. Gianoulakis has also spent time in the semi-conductor industry developing high density plasma silicon dioxide deposition technologies.