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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Tom Mouat MBE

Major Tom Mouat MBE

SO2 DS Head of the Defence Modelling and Simulation School, Defence Academy UK
United Kingdom
Tom is a graduate of the Army Staff College and has served in the Army since 1977.
He is an expert in both manual and computer-based simulations and running large scale military training exercises. He served with the ARRC including 12 months in Bosnia and was awarded an MBE. He also ran the Army's principal land-based simulation system for 3 years and served in the UK MOD's procurement organisation dealing with simulation systems for 5 years, where he was awarded the Chief of Defence Material’s Commendation for innovation.
He has an MSc in Simulation & Modelling and is co-author of several books on simulation and professional Wargaming. He is currently the Officer Commanding the Defence Simulation and Modelling School at the Defence Academy of the UK, where he was awarded the Chief Scientific Officer's Commendation for his contribution to science and technology.