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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Wolfhard Schmidt

Mr Wolfhard Schmidt

Senior Manager Strategy and Products, Antycip Simulation
01.Jul.1977 Joining the German Army
1981 MBA UniBw Hamburg
1991 -1993 AIS-Organisations Officer and Section Head FMS (Foreign Military Sales) at German Armed Forces Command USA/CA Reston, Virginia, US
1993 -1996 DepCdr German Army Training Establishment Shilo/ Kanada
1996 – 2001 G4 Staffofficer (exchanged) at V (US/GE) Corps Heidelberg incl: G4 of the German Support Element SFOR Aug-Dec 1998
2001-2003 Commanding Officer Supply Battallion 12 in Veitshöchheim incl.: National Commander and  German NBC-Kontingent CJFTF CM  KUWAIT (2002)
2003- 2005 G1 and Head of  German consultant with EWWOL Solutions Ltd supporting Antycip.