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Submission Topics

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

The IT²EC 2024 conference theme, 'Enabling operational advantage through training and simulation' will focus on the essential role of training technology in developing an operational advantage for a fully integrated force. Addressing this wide-ranging subject, we will consider submissions across the following four areas.

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Four key focus areas:

1) AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing


Submissions should consider:

  • Quantum computing and its applicability to defence training
  • Generative AI and its potential in training defence
  • AI architecture and AI-enabled instructional agents / synthetic teammates
  • Improving critical thinking with AI-supported decision-making models
  • Ethical challenges and solutions relating to use of AI or ML in training
AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing

2) Distributed, Large-Scale & Integrated Training

Submissions should consider:

  • Advances in large-scale federated and confederated training solutions and exercises
  • Exploring the utility of xR in distributed training
  • Advances in delivering large-scale MDI Live Virtual Synthetic training and exercises
  • Delivering on demand training and education to enable enduring readiness
  • Achieving standardisation of training to improve international collaboration
Distributed, Large-Scale  & Integrated Training 

3) Data Sharing, Analysis & Exploitation

Submissions should consider:

  • Overcoming challenges associated with siloed data, data sharing and data scraping to deliver allied interoperability and interchangeability
  • Exploiting training and operational data (new and legacy) to deliver operational advantage
  • Mitigating the risks of persistent data in training technology
  • Human performance data management and analytics
  • The potential role of biometric technology in personalised training
Data Sharing, Analysis & Exploitation

4) Operational Impacts of Training Technologies

Submissions should consider:

  • The impact of robotics and automation in training and operations
  • Wargaming as a training technology and its capacity to deliver operational advantage across the conceptual, moral and physical domains
  • Overcoming the restrictions of digital training in delivering pre-combat veterans through tactical uses of audio, wearable tech, etc.
  • Compressing training and time to readiness to support operational requirements
Operational Impacts of Training Technologies

More about the conference theme

Defence training technology is rapidly evolving with advancements in AI, XR, big data analytics and the Internet of Things paving the way for more effective and efficient training. All this is underpinned by an increasing defence policy requirement for force elements to be persistently deployed in distant theatres. Taking a customer-centric view, IT²EC 2024 will explore the technologies shaping the future military landscape and examine how they can enhance training effectiveness for a fully integrated force.

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