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What are we looking for?

We are specifically seeking papers which address the following five areas: 

  • Simulations for decision-making during disruptive global events: complex Decision Support Systems are now a central need for decision-makers and commanders, enabled by supercomputing and AI/Big Data.
  • Creating and measuring a resilient, high-fidelity, socially-distanced training capability: the pandemic disrupted training pipelines at the same time as militaries thinking how to transform training to adapt to today’s fast-changing threats. What does a resilient, high-fidelity, highly adaptable and complex training system look like?
  • Addressing the training and technology gaps exposed in 2020: What are the emerging technology applications that allow you train what could not, and 2020 shows you should be? 
  • Dealing with the sensitivity of data used in training and analysis over remote training: every change of technology or its use brings new questions and challenges for safe and ethical use of training data – this is a must-know area for training system leaders.
  • Developing ‘light’ versions of training technology to adapt to anticipated budget cuts: VR/AR/MR – use of commercial xR technologies is expanding exponentially, examples of technologies enabling affordable and highly immersive training and education.

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