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As part of the DisTec showfloor experience, don’t miss our new Technology Lounge at IT²EC 2021.

Giving you the chance to take part in various experiences and demonstrations, the lounge will feature some of the latest and most innovative products designed to advance training and learning through technology.

The lounge is entirely free-of-charge, giving you a hands-on experience of real-life applications, such as arson investigation, firefighter training and armed police response.

The Technology Lounge is delivered in association with RiVR. Watch the video to find out more.

Technology Lounge demos

Meet the pioneers behind the new tech and immerse yourself in photorealistic environments to experience the future of training, today.

Please note, the demos higlighted below are subject to change. Onsite experiences may vary.

VR Competency Training

VR Competency Training

This area is about giving you the chance to feel what it’s like to be a fire investigator turning up to a burnt building. In this experience you will be able to find the cause of fire and learn about how the fire spreads in different environments. Photo realistic and fully interactive virtual reality competency training.

This library of fire investigation scenarios is now being used by fire fighters all around the world as it allows consistent, repeatable and safe training to take place from anywhere in the world. In the west midlands they are using RiVR Investigate to help show competency for ISO 17020.

Watch the video about fire investigation:


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RiVR Investigate

Virtual Reality Classroom

Virtual Reality Classroom

In this area you can experience RiVR Link, a mobile classroom virtual reality training solution. You can immerse yourself in a range of different training scenarios, understanding how training is changing the way in which people learn for a vast range of sectors.

On the RiVR Link stand you will see how a number of different industries are utilising the RiVR Link features to enhance their training. You can have professional 360° video created by our team but you can film and upload your own content too. RiVR Link’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to curate your own unique lesson plans. You can choose between a kit of 5, 10 or 15 headsets in a box. The beauty of the RiVR Link box is how self-contained it is. With our unique Built-In Smart Charging, Integrated Dual Band Router and Sync Port, the box is ready to be deployed wherever your training may be.  

Everything you need to roll out a training package for the new decade.

Watch the video about RiVR Link being used in USA for Fire fighter training:

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RiVR Link

Armed Police Response

Armed Police Response

Be prepared for a new way of developing and learning essential operational skills. The AVRT VR Training platform provides simulated situations to test your abilities up to and including the use of lethal and less-lethal force, all in a safe, assessable and controlled manner. Free-roam, wireless VR, detailed VR environments, live character role-play and real-feel weapons combine to give a learning experience like no other. Developed with feedback from over 70% of UK Police forces, the AVRT system has been designed from the ground up to meet the training needs of the world’s law enforcement and military services, from initial recruitment  and basic training through to advanced weapon and judgement-based scenarios.

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Firefighter Training

Firefighter Training


You will enter a totally new way of training. Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service will place you in a fire investigation virtual training environment that your brain will see and believe as real. Creating an exceptional training experience in a risk and hazard free environment, giving quality repeatable training with a 75% retention rate. Learn how to read burn and smoke patterns helping you find the cause, whilst remaining vigilant as there might be something more sinister involved. See and witness the massive potential that this new type of training has and how it will influence the training of the future.

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Visitors can feel like a real firefighter by trying on FLAIM Trainer™, the only full-immersion VR firefighting training system currently available in the market. 

FLAIM Trainer™ immerses the user in realistic VR fire scenarios in combination with heat and haptic feedback for the water jet reaction. It is designed to be an effective part of a training setup which combines both hot fire/flame training and VR simulation training. 

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  • “At RiVR we have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of technology for the training industry, and after attending the event in 2019 as an exhibitor we were very keen to create a Technology Lounge at IT²EC 2020. This allows visitors to have hands-on demos with cutting edge virtual environments and learning systems. We have hand-picked technologies that we predict are going to be very important in the coming years.”
    Alex Harvey
    Creative Director, RiVR
  • “If you tell me I will listen, if you show me, I will see. But if you let me experience, I will learn.”
    Lao Tse
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