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VIP Pitch

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Area9 Lyceum

Adaptive Learning and Personalized Training

Changing the paradigm of education and training across all verticals in the Defense.

Introducing adaptive personalized learning from first step and throughout the career in the Defense is bringing a measurable positive impact and effectiveness and will drive higher proficiency, better skills adaptation and by increasing motivation adaptive learning support the growth of students character and appetite for learning.

Our global market leading platform Rhapsode™ works as integrated in the learning environment you already have and brings a valuable data-driven eco-system from the first learner profiling as a need for training diagnostics before a blended learning classroom, through the actual training, followed by a personalized skills assessment and repetition and refresh program.

Visit us at our stand B9 and you will get insights on how to:
• Bring data and efficiency into the digital or blended classroom
• Increase knowledge retention and confidence for every learner