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DisTec Challenge Shortlist

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

MAK Technologies

Len Granowetter & Dan Brockway describe the Legion Scalability Framework from MAK Technologies on Vimeo.

Mak Technologues

Legion is a technology that enables distributed simulation exercises to scale into the millions of entities. Past the current barriers that stop most exercises at thousands.

  • A new interoperability and scalability infrastructure being developed by MAK.
  • A potential future standard – built to be application-independent (no vendor lock).
  • Designed for both cloud and local deployment.

This technology is being developed to meet the requirements of the US Army Synthetic Training Environment (STE) as well as commercial Modeling, Simulation & Training customers.

It has already been integrated into several GOTS, competitive COTS and System Integrator simulation systems.

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