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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Andy Fawkes

Andy Fawkes

Special Correspondent MS&T and Independent Consultant, Halldale Group

Andy Fawkes is an independent consultant and engineer working in the field of training and simulation. He is a regular conference chair and speaker on developments in simulation, training and technology and writes for Military Simulation & Training. Recently, he has led two UK Dstl-funded projects, in 2021 on capturing insights for defence from the gaming ecosystem, and in 2022 writing a "Military Metaverse CONOPS".  In 2019 he was the project architect for the British Army’s VR in land training project. He has many years’ experience in defence management, both nationally and internationally, including roles as head of simulation policy for the UK MoD and as Chair of the NATO Modelling and Simulation Group. Previously, he spent a decade in the submarine domain as a member of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors, and when in training, served 6 months at sea with the Royal Navy.