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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Mark Mitchell

Dr Mark Mitchell

Director, Digital Learning and Strategy, Sigmatech, Inc. National Security Space Institute
United States

Dr. Mark Mitchell is the Director of Digital Learning and Strategy at the National Security Space Institute (NSSI) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the Head of the Technical Solutions - Visualizations Branch at Sigmatech. He has been an educator and leader within the Department of Defense for 25 years. Mark focuses on innovative digital learning strategies supporting the learning environment, standing up, expanding methods, and sustaining growth within Sigmatech, the NSSI, and the United States Space Force. His efforts sustained digital learning growth from two courses and 1200 students to 20 courses and 10,000 students in just three years. Dr. Mitchell spearheaded the stand-up and now manages the NSSI’s state-of-the-art educational technology innovation laboratory, where his team focuses on developing and testing educational tools in mixed reality, leveraging augmented and virtual reality hardware and software, modeling and simulation, motion capture, system modeling, 3D modeled animations, 3D printing and scanning, holographic presentations, and multimedia produced simulations and scenarios all designed to support their array of asynchronous and synchronous educational modalities. Dr. Mitchell and his team constantly evaluate and integrate new educational hardware and software technologies, enhancing the teaching and learning experience at the NSSI.