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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Nigel Jones

Mr Nigel Jones

Training System Architect, Lockheed Martin UK
United Kingdom
Nigel Jones joined LMUK in May 2005, initial working as a programme manager for the delivery of a constructive simulation based training systems before becoming the Chief Training Systems Architect for LMUK Training, Logistic and Sustainment in Jul 2009. He has worked on a wide variety of command and staff training components including BC2T, Export CGF, JSAF, WARSIM, and OneSAF.  He has also been responsible of integrating these products with other training and training management tools to develop end to end system solutions in support of a wide range of programmes. His expertise includes: the generation of terrain databases; the integration of visual systems; interfacing to C4I applications; the use of simulation to support the command decision making process; and the overall development of armoured vehicle turret and gunnery training solutions. His work has included the development of the Kuwait National Guard Crisis Management Centre and most recently defining the training system architecture for the SCOUT AJAX Crew Turret Trainers, the LM WARRIOR Capability Sustainment Programmes and more recently the LM VULCAN training proposal technology. His experience therefore encompasses all three of the recognized simulation training domains of live, virtual and constructive.