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 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event
Timothy Moser

Mr Timothy Moser

Aviation Business Unit Lead, Vertex Solutions

Timothy “TJ” Moser, Col (Ret) is the Aviation Business Unit Lead for Vertex Solutions.   After retiring from a 28-year career in the United States Air Force that included over 2500 hours flying fighter and training aircraft, TJ now heads up the aviation unit for Vertex Solutions, the leading provider of XR flight training devices for the Department of Defense.  Before retiring, TJ led the 19th Air Force’s efforts to transform pilot training. Those efforts have been replicated by the US Navy and have now been adopted by both fixed and rotary-wing pilot training including recent advances in commercial aviation including Electric Vertical TakeOff/Landing (EVTOL) devices. Vertex has developed and deployed over 300 immersive training devices across all of the US within the Department of Defense and General / Commercial Aviation.