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IT²EC Talks

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

With a goal of advancing training through technology, IT²EC unites military, government, industry and academia to connect and share knowledge about training, simulation and education.

Ahead of reconvening in person at our 2022 edition, the new IT²EC Talks series will provide a regular platform for stakeholders to engage and collaborate digitally, to drive ongoing education and support commercial objectives.

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Season 1: Digital Twins

The first season, launching in 2021, will explore the evolution of synthetic training environments, and more specifically the role of Digital Twins. After reviewing relevant themes across three monthly episodes, the season will culminate with our live event in Rotterdam.

Episode content

Each 90-minute episode will feature a variety of session formats, including live Q&A, military case studies, panel discussions, quickfire product demos and wargame scenarios.


Episode 1: EXPLORE

How was Covid-19 accelerated the development and optimisation of Digital Twins? What potential does this offer in the future?

This episode will cover:

  • Requirements and requirement-led design: the needs for and of the Digital Twin
  • The role of stakeholders - technology accelerators, incubators and industry engagement

  • Using the Digital Twin to accelerate operational capability


Episode 2: EXPAND

Exploiting your Digital Twin through effectiveness and interoperability

This episode will cover:

  • Incremental acquisition and development based on user-experience, funding and 'real' needs

  • Determining what defines relevant metrics and evaluating success against KPIs

  • Designing your Digital Twin for integration across domains, platforms and classifications 


Episode 3: EVOLVE

The Future of Training: embedding your Digital Twin into a Single Synthetic Environment

This episode will cover:

  • Integrating your Digital Twin into an SEE

  • Expediting training solutions from concept to end-user


Interested in taking part?

Each IT²EC Talks episode will be broadcast free-of-charge as a Zoom Webinar. Registration will open shortly.

If you have a role to play in the industry conversation around Digital Twins, share your expertise as a sponsor or speaker. To view participation opportunities, download the IT²EC Talks brochure.