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Winning Papers at IT²EC 2024

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Our 2024 event once again featured the Best Paper Award. The result was an enjoyable, high-quality, and forward-leaning technical program for IT²EC delegates. Eight extended abstracts and accompanying presentations were evaluated by the Best Paper Award Committee during the conference. The winner of the Best Paper Award was the contribution that most embodied the 2024 theme of IT²EC, 'Enabling operational advantage through training and simulation'.

In 2024 the Committee also introduced the Best Presenter Award, which recognises those speakers with the most passionate and engaging style on stage. Not only are they experts in their subject, they are also excellent communicators of it.  

Conference Theme

Best Paper 2024: 

On-board synthetic training - why is it so hard?

  • Train as you fight, anywhere, anytime: unlock the power of on-board synthetic training for modern navies
  • Beyond live exercises: explore how synthetic training on-board ships enables cost-effective, realistic rehearsal for complex threats and missions
  • From hypersonic missiles to swarms: train for scenarios too risky or expensive to recreate in live exercises, maximising mission readiness
  • Collective defence: hear how synthetic training empowers ships and task groups to collaborate effectively in multi-domain scenarios
  • Innovate your Navy: learn how to harness this technology to continuously refine your war fighting skills against evolving threats

Nick Benedek, Capture Lead, BAE Systems                                                                                                               

Nick Benedek on behalf of BAE Systems leads the adoption of integrated on-board, alongside and on-shore synthetic war fighting training in collaboration with the Royal Navy, other navies and industry partners. He has seen the challenges that navies face in adopting these technologies and is helping to drive forward the adoption of practical solutions as part of an integrated deployment roadmap.

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Best Presenter 2024:

Research report: virtual reality for competency and team training

  • Beyond mannequins: Discover VR's immersive training for trauma care, burns, and other critical scenarios.
  • Teamwork made virtual: Find out how VR fosters communication and collaboration within multidisciplinary teams.
  • Competency on demand: Learn how VR empowers small units with limited resources to meet annual trauma-care training requirements.
  • Teamwork made real: Witness how VR fosters effective communication and role adherence within multidisciplinary medical teams.
  • Evidence-based approach: Gain insights from a research project demonstrating VR's effectiveness in competency and team-building training.



Colonel (Retd.) Cheryl Lockhart, Senior Military Advisor, SimX                                                                                    

Col(r) Cheryl Lockhart is a retired USAF Nurse Corps officer with over 30 years of military medical service. She has served as a Critical Care Air Transport Team nurse, an Aeromedical Evacuation Flight Nurse and an ICU nurses in several combat and contingency areas of operation. She has served as a Chief Nurse and Surgeon General Consultant. She is currently a Senior Military Advisor for SimX where she advise on the development and design of military medical virtual reality simulations.

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