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Disruptive Technology


Theme: Enabling operational advantage through non-traditional training technologies

The video gaming industry has experienced significant increases in military interest. With an estimated value of $250 billion in 2023, and an unending demand for greater realism in simulated experiences, this market is constantly investing in R&D. The potential benefits to Defence training simulation users range from true-to-life urban environment mapping and realistic civilian behavioural protocols, to complex weather coding. To participate next April in Oslo? Contact Evie Bullivant.

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DisTec 2024

Core daily focus areas in 2024

Day 1: Reflective realities: Creating authentic training environments for battle readiness

The first day will centre on the critical need to advance lifelike training environments and conduct trials for real-time deployment, emphasising the importance of dynamically evolving training approaches in response to contemporary battlefield challenges, drawing inspiration from the video game industry and exploring the integration of simulation with real-world training for a more comprehensive education strategy.

Day 2: Integrating innovation to transform end-user training

These sessions will explore the practical implementation of technology within training scenarios and delve into strategies for leveraging innovative technologies to the advantage of the military with a focus on human-machine integration to create operational advantage

Day 3: Tomorrow's intelligent training tools: unlocking generative AI and beyond

As the next generation of learners will train in an AI-enhanced learning environment, day three’s sessions will spotlight innovations from the computing and gaming industries, illustrating their potential applications in defense training. Transformative approaches showcased on this day will ensure interoperability across data, tools, and workflows, empowering collaborative efforts for superior outcomes. Leveraging data-driven methods like generative AI enables enhanced performance monitoring, offering deeper insights into individual trainees and facilitating more comprehensive analyses.

Distec 2024 - DSTL

Why is DisTec a vital part of IT²EC?

The Disruptive Technology (DisTec) Theatre provides an exciting showcase of training technologies from outside the traditional defence industry, and is free to attend for all exhibition visitors. This is an opportunity to explore developments in markets such as commercial gaming and first responders, and discuss their potential defence applications.

The development of simulated or synthetic training capabilities in the last decade has brought about significant changes in the way military personnel are trained. However, there are still barriers to the effective use and integration of these technologies. Although military training establishments have been restricted to a certain degree in their speed to leverage available technologies, the landscape is now changing and we aim to support and boost this transition through our DisTec.

A stepping stone for small businesses:

As an increasing number of game-changing solutions come from start-up companies and cross-sector technology transfer, they provide fresh competition to well-established companies in training and simulation. With a limited budget to showcase their solutions, DisTec helps to pave the way for new market entrants who can extensively benefit from using our platform to share their knowledge with the wider community.