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NextGen at IT²EC

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

The NextGen programme at IT²EC provides an invaluable and unique opportunity for the defence training and technology sector to connect with university students, graduates and cadets interested in pursuing a career within the industry.

In an environment which encourages meaningful conversations, students, cadets and early career candidates will have the opportunity to understand the defence and security sector and the career opportunities available through a series of talks and networking sessions.

We are committed to helping attract the next generation of defence and security talent – regardless of whether they choose to pursue a career in this sector or succeed elsewhere, we understand the importance of driving early interest in the sector.


We are inviting university students, graduates, and cadets to be a part of our NextGen programme on  11 April 2024. No one has a bigger role to play in shaping a secure and prosperous world of tomorrow than the next generation (NextGen) of our defence community.

- Evie Bullivant, NextGen Programme Lead, Clarion Defence and Security

Make the most out of your attendance at the show

Get ready to connect with industry leaders and potentially forge valuable connections on 11 April IT²EC 2024. In addition, make sure to explore the captivating DisTec Theatre which will showcase groundbreaking military training technologies and host presentations on the role of AI within the industry. 

Are you ready to navigate the showfloor and envision what your role in shaping the future of the defence industry? Secure your place today.

Maximise your networking potential

As a NextGen programme participant, you will be able to gain access to both IT²EC and our co-located undersea defence technology show, UDT 2024. This will allow you to expand your network and meet key industry suppliers and attendees from the international maritime community as well.

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