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The Shortlist


The DisTec Challenge shortlist has been announced

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  • Carleton University

    Don't Catch Me If you Can -COVID-19 Game Simulator
    'Don't catch me if you can' is real-world gamification of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus indoors. The serious game includes tasks like opening vents or changing ventilation rates to learn how to m ...
  • Hadean

    Aether Engine: Enabling Single Synthetic Environments at Massive Scale
    In a highly connected and complex battlefield, single synthetic environments will enable individuals and teams to train, plan and rehearse more effectively. However, current approaches in building suc ...
  • MAK Technologies

    MAK Legion - Scalability Framework
    Legion is a technology that enables distributed simulation exercises to scale into the millions of entities. Past the current barriers that stop most exercises at thousands. A new interoperability and ...
  • multiSIM BV

    multiSIM BV
    The aerial refueling simulator demonstrates, and trains, various dynamic aspects of a refueling boom system, such as aerodynamics, control forces and stereo characteristics of the camera system. Aeria ...
  • Ramp Global Technology Ltd

    ARAIG - As Real As It Gets
    Our first product is ARAIG, the world's first multi-sensory multi-directional, force feedback suit. Finally, you get to feel what you've only been able to see. ARAIG is wearable technology that stimul ...
  • Ravenswood Solutions

    Mobile Augmented Reality Framework
    Ravenswood Solutions has developed a framework to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of the system development leading to an easier and faster development cycle of Mixed Reality applications for bl ...
  • RiVR

    RiVR Link
    This video is a 360 link, please view on a mobile device to experience fully. RiVR Link is a mobile classroom virtual reality solution. It enables an instructor to control several synchronised headset ...
  • Virtualware

    VIROO: Innovate in our reality, change the world
    The world needs qualitative technological leap forward to innovate and VIROO is trying to solve a multitude of challenges that concern us today, making VR technology accessible and easy to use by empo ...

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