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Speaker Information Portal

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Speaker Information Portal

Please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with the information located within the Speaker Information Portal. Within this page, you will find information surrounding your experience and participation before, during and after ITEC 2024.




As a speaker we welcome you to the event free of charge, but all attendees must register for the event in advance to receive their entrance badge. This includes any personnel attending to support a senior officer, or PA’s etc who should register via the standard registration page.

SPEAKER registration page will be open in January 2024 at which time you will be sent an email requesting that you register, along with the specific link to do so (please do not register using the standard registration page).

Please note that this link is for speakers ONLY. There are a limited number of tickets available, and checks are made on each application.

During registration you may also select a Networking Event ticket for an additional fee.

ACCOMPANYING STAFF are requested to register via the standard registration page, which will also be open in January 2024.

Approximately two weeks before the event you will receive an email with a link to download your badge. Please print the badge (colour is advised) and bring this with you to the event (an approval email, an approval SMS, a badge on smart phone do not count as being a badge and will not allow entry).

Travel & Accommodation

Travel & Accommodation

IT²EC 2024 will be taking place at ExCeLin London, UK.  For full details on travel to the venue, click here.

Please note that speakers are expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation,.



If you have any access requirements, please contact Daisy Hirst at the earliest possible juncture. 



Complimentary changing facilities are available on-site for military who prefer not to travel in uniform.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout ExCeL, although this does not have sufficient bandwidth to stream videos or download large data packets.

Event times

Event times

For conference-specific timings, please refer to the latest agenda. (to be updated with 2024 information soon)

For any questions before then, please contact Daisy Hirst.

Technical paper & slides submission

Technical paper & slides submission



You can download the technical paper guide below. All papers must adhere to this template. All presentation material (paper, slides, videos, etc) must be reviewed by the session chair in advance of the conference.

Download Technical Paper Template

Your initial proposal submission is to form the basis of a full Technical Paper, which will be reviewed by your Session Moderator and published after the conference. This is a requirement of presenting



Slides should be in PowerPoint .pptx format in 16:9 landscape ratio. Please ensure that the fonts are not proprietary as we will not be able to reproduce them.

Please also send any embedded videos as separate files, as these often become unlinked when moved. ExCel WiFi does not support streaming videos so please embed and save any videos or external web look up data into your slide deck.

There is not a standard UDT slide template; you are welcome to use your corporate template if you wish.



Your video must be in a Microsoft Windows playable format (no Apple Mac files).


All presentations will be given in English.


Submission deadlines are put in place to allow time for you and your moderators to take time from your day jobs to review, discuss, and update your Technical Paper and Slides so they project your message to the audience in the best light possible.

The deadline for submitting your first draft is 19th January 2024.

Please send your DRAFT Papers and Slides to your session moderator, copying in &  If your files are too large to send by email, use your file transfer software of choice, or

All presentation materials (slides, videos, etc) must be reviewed by the session moderator in advance of the conference. You will receive feedback from your session moderator via email by no later than 16th February 2024

The deadline for submitting your FINAL paper and slides is 1st March 2024, again this is via email to the session moderator and copying in &



29th November 2023 - Confirm Attendance.

4th December 2023 - Provide headshot. Confirm speaker & session details are correct.

19th January 2024 - Submission deadline for  DRAFT technical paper and presentation slides to be sent to your session moderator (copying in &

16th February 2024 - Authors receive feedback on DRAFT technical papers and slides from session moderator.

1st March 2024 - Send FINAL technical paper and presentation slides to &

ASAP after Speaker registration opens in January (you will be sent a mail to inform you when speaker registration is open). Latest 4th March. 


At the event

All speakers must be in the theatre 20 minutes before they are due on stage. This gives us time to properly set up the microphones for you, ensure we have the correct slides, and introduce you to the moderator. 

Promoting your session

Promoting your session

Speaker Interview/Quote

Interviews and social media quotes are also a great way to promote your session. Please get in touch with our PR lead, Jamie Hall, to arrange.  


Social Media

We strongly encourage you to promote your session to your own networks and on social media.

If you would like personalised marketing assets for you to highlight your presence, please contact our Marketing team.

Relevant channels



If you have any relevant blog posts, press releases, or articles which you are happy share for republishing on the DSEI website and social media channels, please click here to send them to our team.



There will be media in the conference room, and as standard we do not operate under the Chatham House Rule. 

If you wish your session to be off record, you will need to announce that as you take the podium. All media have been instructed that the Chatham House Rule will come into effect for that presentation only if the speaker requests it.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us directly.

Dress Code

Dress Code

Academic/Industry: Business attire. Company-branded polo shirts are acceptable.

Serving military: Military service dress without medals recommended, unless you have been otherwise directed. Keynotes typically wear no.1 service dress or equivalent.

It is understood that it may not be possible to travel in uniform due to security reasons. Complimentary changing facilities are available.

Legal Restrictions

Legal Restrictions

Speakers should be aware that there are some topics which are subject to licensing restrictions. In the case of Category A goods, a valid Standard Individual Trade Control Licence (SITCL) must be obtained from the Export Control Joint Unit by the Speaker prior to the event.

This restriction applies to all forms of promotion, including conference content, the distribution of brochures or other promotional material which features images or details of any Category A goods.

Click here for details

Key contacts

If you have any queries regarding your participation as a speaker which are not answered by the information above, please reach out to our team.