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Conference Focus Areas

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Our 2024 conference will witness high-quality presentations and panel discussions from host-nation officials, international senior military leaders and defence training technology specialists. These conversations will be streamlined across the three focus areas below:

  1. Technologies and Architectures

  2. Human Performance

  3. Emerging Solutions

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Conference focus areas

Human Performance

Human factors and Performance

The human performance area will explore the nuanced bridge between the data, the human and their interactions with the machine they are training on, on the path to greater mission readiness 

Technologies & Architectures

Technologies and Architectures

This area will discuss and share the latest trailblazing innovations and new technologies that are increasing training effectiveness and efficacy as the nature of warfare evolves

Emerging Solutions

Emerging Solutions

Here we will focus on the latest conversations in developing and integrating, executable military and defence training architectures and tools to optimise military system training performance