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SimX Success Story

 IT²EC 2024 - defence training and technology event

Why should you come to IT²EC? Hear from SimX

We reached out to our clients who return year-on-year to find out what makes them keep coming back.

Not sure whether you should visit or exhibit at IT²EC 2024? Hear from SimX on their experience at the previous edition.

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What brings you to the show every edition, and why is it an important part of your event calendar?

  • IT²EC is the epicenter of technological innovation, a place where the future is forged today.
  • At SimX, we value the opportunity to be at the forefront with other industry pioneers. Our commitment to enhancing operational medical training through VR-simulated patient encounters has found an excellent platform at IT²EC.
  • IT²EC doesn't just introduce us to the next big tech trends; it helps us understand the evolving challenges in operational medical training. It guides our mission to improve healthcare through cutting-edge VR solutions.


What will be the focus of your company's presence at IT²EC 2024?

  • Our VR simulated patient encounters exemplify our mission: to elevate operational medical training, ensuring healthcare professionals are better equipped, better trained, and more prepared than ever before
  • We will be showing off the latest in AE CCAT, PCC, and ARC solutions
  • Who else comes to our shows? Take a look at the list of exhibiting companies who attended our 2023 edition.


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At IT²EC 2024, what would you like customers to know about your technology?

  • Our engagements at IT²EC span from captivated onlookers and potential clients to seasoned industry analysts and innovators. These diverse connections foster collaborations, partnerships, and business relationships that empower us to set new standards in the medical training arena.
  • SimX is not just about innovation; it's about meaningful innovation. Customers should get a hands-on perspective into where the industry is headed and how SimX is leading the charge to meet those demands.

           ABOUT SIMX

"VR operational medical training from the world leader in fully immersive medical VR"

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If you are a repeat visitor or exhibitor at our show, we would love to get in contact so that we can share why you love coming to IT²EC year after year.

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